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So I wanted to share this with the forum even though this isnt anything out of the normal for Adam's. I ordered some new items and it arrived today and I was excited to see it because I am upgrading to the Flex (which I am really excited for). The first thing I saw was the order form and a note inside saying that I have two items on backorder (the DWC I knew it was going to be on backorder but I had them send it). Not only were they great with getting my order out and questions answer, they did a little bit more.


I ordered the flex with the package of extra pads and polish (doing more side detailing why not have more :)). The new gen 4 pad was backed order so they threw in 2 of the old green flex polishing pads! Next when I was going threw a little more I saw the shine calendar at the bottom as well! Just wanted to share this and say thank you so much for your time and effort to make this company amazing and continue to do so. :cheers:



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Got my mouth watering... Looks like a big steak and baked potato sitting there. Oh wait that is a Flex,, Sorry for being cornfused this early in the morning.



Nice pick up. I just got my DWC order in yesterday, Can not wait to use it.

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