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Customer Service 866.965.0400

2010 Mini Cooper S

Manny Deleon

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Well, I just recently picked up my 2010 Mini Cooper S and I come to the conclusion that dealers just do what they want. Aside from the less than marginal customer service I got from them, they went ahead and cleaned my car before they gave it to me...something I didn't want. Don't get me wrong I am appreciative that they cleaned it for me, but every dealer I have ever gotten a car from has always put this nasty, sticky, hard to come off crap wheel shine on the tires. What is that stuff they put on them tires???...took awhile with GP cleaner to come off, plus I think I need a new tire brush.


Going to be detailing the car tomorrow and wanted to know if any other Mini Cooper owners have any advice for me? In particular, cleaning under the hood.

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