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65 Malibu Wagon


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Had the pleasure of working in this fine automobile today. Paint was in average shape. Looks like the car was poorly wet sanded at some point in it's life. The owner new this and just wanted all the swirls removed and understood there weren't going to be be any miracles made today. Even thought I've been know to perform miracles with my Adam's miracle working products.


I started with a WW because there was some rain/ snow mix coming down all day today. Did an IPAD wiped own to remove wax, then went on to flaying the entire vehicle and glass.


Next walk masking off all the trim and badging with Adam's Professional Detailers tape, which I absolutely love.


The hood and from fenders were the worst and received 2 passes of SSR 2 passes SHR and 1 pass FMP at speed 5 and 1 pass at speed 4. All don with the Flex.


All glass and chrome trim was treated with BG.


Paint was finished with the old BG/APW Combo, can't go wrong with that.


I managed to get a few shots in between long conversations with the owner about the history of the car. It wasn't an entertaining detail.

















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