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Which sprayer for Green Wheel Cleaner

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:help: I have ordered so many orders in the past month and a half that I am not sure what spray heads came with what. It almost seems like I am short one or two because I would not have enough spray heads if I wanted to put one on each bottle that uses one. Anyhow, I think I am reading it right when I look at the Green Wheel Cleaner it says now with foaming sprayer so I would think that gets a foam one.


Can anyone list what spray head go's with what product? I know some can use both but not sure on that either.



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Thanks Guy's, I thought the foaming ones were just for the Wheel Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner. I was just wondering because I just used the Wheel Cleaner yesterday and did not use the foaming head and it still worked fantastic. You would think the foaming heads would use less product but everyone says it uses more.

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