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Deep Wheel Cleaner - extracuricular activities



FedEx rolled in Saturday afternoon while I was washing my garage floor, delivery my Deep Wheel Cleaner and other Adams goodness. :banana:


My floor is epoxy coated with U-Coat-It, and topped with their UGloss-AF. Think of this just like the clear coat on your car. It protects the color and fleck underneath. Two years ago I sat a large steel cabinet temporarily on the floor. When I moved it, I found there were two strips of rust that had begun to form where the cabinet sat on the floor. I've tried lots of cleaners to remove these marks, but never had any luck. With my deep wheel cleaner on the brain, it hit me, this stuff helps release embedded metallic brake particles from wheel paint, right? I knew I needed to give it a shot and see what would happen on those rust stains. Take a look...


Spot #1 Before:



Spot #2 Before




Sprayed both spots with Deep Wheel Cleaner






Allowed to dwell for 20 minutes






Then cleaned up with usual garage floor cleaning mixture of APC and warm water. Only a very small section of the rust stain remains, which I will hit another time with another Deep Wheel Cleaner treatment. Much better! I'm a very happy customer and I haven't hit the wheels I'm hoping to revive with this yet. The garage had a nice cherry scent the rest of the day.






And just a bonus pic for everyone :cheers:



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