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My First Time Polishing



Well, I decided to go ahead and take a spin with the Flex I got for Christmas. My first time ever polishing and I think it went pretty well. Didn't take a whole lot of pictures during the process.


Tried to strip wash with shampoo and APC, didn't get the quick sealant off all the way so I went at it again with some blue dawn. Pulled her into the garage and started claying, except for the back of the car it was pretty clean. put some VRT on the trim, and then got up my courage and started polishing :pc:


Started with the hood



Then moved on to the side





I couldn't really capture how good it looks with the iphone, but just know it looks A LOT better than it does in these pics!








I need to go over it again, I finished up around 1 AM and missed the sealant in a few spots, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I may just wait and re-wash the car later this week. It won't hurt to leave the excess sealant on the paint for a few days, right?

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Thanks all! Definitely a new level of respect for those who do this for a living. I knew it would be a lot of work, but had no idea it would take me as long as it did!


great looking car! IS that Daytona 675 I see tucked in the garage?


It sure is! Love that bike, but shes a little beat up right now. Went down at the track over the summer and have been looking to pick up another left and nose fairing for the right price. They aren't cracked but are scuffed up pretty bad. Of course it wasn't until after I went down that I bought race plastics





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