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Dippin time!


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Neighbors garage became available and made a great paint shop. 4-5 coats black, 2 coats glossifier.

Made a few mistakes. Got some touchup to do around the edges of the rims. And I learned that you wont find the spots you missed until you put the wheels on the car and roll it outside!

Anyway, here they are!

Need to get some pics with direct light on the wheels.








You can't see it in these pics, but the edges around the lip peeled a bit. I'm going to pick up the repair kit and run a bead of thinner around the edge (sponge brush maybe), and use the straw trick to get whats left out of the cans and run a bead of dip along the edge. The tires have a good sized ridge around the bead that makes things interesting. I did the barrels as well, probably needed a couple more coats.

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Brain they came out looking really good.

How many cans of plasti dip did you use? Is the glossifier almost like a clear for it?


I was going to do my wheels on my G8 but I was going to do them in white. I heard the brake dust really sticks to the plasti dip so I decided not to.

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looks good!!


For those wondering, it will take 2-3 cans to do 4 wheels and this is laying it down pretty thick. For my stock 20's, took 3 cans with 5 coats. I just bought the matte black from Home Depot for $15. Nice change to the rim and if you don't like it, comes right off.

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I bought their wheel kit which has 4 cans of black and 2 of the Glossifier. It's enough if you are doing the fronts only. You might need some more if you do the barrels. I did 4-5 coats black and 2 coats gloss.

The Glossifier gives it a matte finish, but if you use enough you can get some shine.

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