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Boosted: My Experience at Weaver Customs

THE Mook

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Good Morning!


I was recently honored with being invited out to Weaver Customs by Sydney and Randy, to help get their latest, and up until recently under wraps, custom build, BOOST, ready for it's unveiling at the 2013 Detroit Autorama. A "1950" Chevy Roadster, completely custom...too much about this car to list, so pay attention in the pictures!


My job: Get as much of BOOST polished out, and/or cut and buffed then polished out, in my time there, so that it could be Perfect for it's unveiling in Detroit. I spent the entire time from when I got off the plane until getting back on the plane, save for three hours of sleep, on Boost. The total time I spent on this car, and wish I had more, was just about 23 hours in the one and a half days I was there. I was fortunate enough to use a plethora of machines and techniques. A car like this, a custom build, requires far more prep and work to get ready for a show vs a production vehicle like my TBSS.


It was so awesome to see what a car looks like that is "under construction". The shows on TV do a good job explaining, but, and I won't name names, you can see they cut corners and do what they gotta do for TV. This car's birth was something amazing to be a part of and I would like to THANK Weaver Customs and Adam himself for allowing me to help. I got off the plane Tuesday morning, and Sydney was waiting for me in her big ole' Chevy Truck.


We took a quick trip over to see their shop, and she was also kind enough to stop at In and Out Burger for me, as we don't have those in Colorado. I should mention that I about screamed like a little girl when I saw it.




Said Double Double Animal Style




After jamming that down, it was off to JS Custom Interiors, as that's where Boost would be for the remainder of the time until Detroit, getting ready for the big dance. That said, what I was about to see was something I was surely not expecting. I had never been this intimate inside of a custom build, and I could feel my eyes bulging out of my head.


My first "official" viewing of Boost.





The entire car, for the most part, was left from the DA Sander at about 2000 grit.



It would be my task from here (with a LOT of help from Randy Weaver), to bring that Gorgeous paint up to the level of FaceMelt I have come to expect when I touch something. After doing an Adam's Waterless Wash Wipedown, he and I got out the Light of Love and Hate to see exactly what still needed to be re-cut, then re-buffed, then polished. He shot this beautiful DuPont color with Pearl in it. I can't even describe this color. It's so amazing to look at. Those lucky enough to catch Boost as shows this season will know what I mean...especially in that Reno Sun! He and I determined that most every panel needed to get hit again, starting at 600 grit on the DA, all the way up to 3000 on the DA. We were also helped out by the wonderful Detailer KindigIt Design has on their staff. That guy can rock a rotary like no one I have seen! :glasses:


So, Randy and I decided that with the Interior still being fabricated and assembled, that the deck lid was indeed the best place to start. Here's Randy cutting into the 6 coats of clear he shot. As I was seeing this for the first time, I can't lie...things on my body were feeling a little funny....LOL!




A little Claybar with Adam's Detail Spray was needed, as this car did have contamination in it post-paint.



With the plastic being put on and removed a lot to this point of the build, it was certain this paint had some swirl marks and light scratches. Here you can see that on the Red Stripe.



After some time with the FLEX PE-14 RO and the Flex 3401VRG along with our Prototype Compound and Polishes, I was able to get this.



A snap of the rest of the deck lid.



I took the PC7424XP and the 4" Focus Pads to the edges of the deck lid that were taped off during the main polishing. I didn't want to be too aggressive at the edges and also the smaller pad size allowed me to...Focus...on what I was working on.



The edges came back nice.



One last shot of the deck lid before moving on...




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Probably my favorite part of Boost, the Rear Bumper. Like the rest of the car, this too was in the "cut" state, and needed to be buffed and polished up. There were a few rough spots I was able to capture pre-cut.





I asked Randy to leave this at 2000, so I could really put our prototype compound to the test. The Flex PE-14 and a Green Pad I found to be the winning combination to get the paint up for being polished. Some progress...






It took a couple passes of the compound to get me happy with it, then I moved into our prototype polish on the Flex 3401VRG. A couple afters...







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Now that you have an idea of how the paint started out, I won't be posting as many "Befores". However, I will post some more results.













SERIOUSLY! The Hand Brushed Chrome from the good people at Ogden Chrome, really set the accents of this car off.


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Here are a couple of shots of the deck...not the deck lid. This car does not have a roof as it's a Roadster. This was all custom made, and made WELL.


The guys from JS Custom Interiors mocking up the interior pieces. In this case, Handmade arm rests for the doors.



I could only tell that Randy was messing with the Shifter here. This part of the car is really a work of art, and the paint helps show that off.



More Pearly shots...




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This amazing car is on airbags. I saw the tank sitting on a bench and just HAD to polish it up. Procedure: A Waterless Wash Wipedown followed by Revive Hand Polish with a Blue Hex Grip Applicator, followed by SVRT on a block sponge. I think it looked pretty good when it was done!







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A couple random shots. Intro Wheels cut these for the Weavers. Look at that Brushed Dish! My jaw hit the floor hard enough for the people at KindigIt Design next door to hear! Of course it's got Wilwoods, it's a Weaver Build!



Just a little bit of thump going on in Boost. Just a little. This is an "in progress" pic. The audio finally wrapped up a couple days after I left.



Love that grille.



This is a front wheel. They are staggered 18s/22s IIRC.











I even polished on the inside of the doors. The 4" Focus Pads and PC7424 were brought back out. I used this combo a lot on this car, especially in the more delicate areas.



Look, I polished Randy right out of the paint.


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The Engine Bay. Boost is setup with a Forced Induction 383. The build sheet is up in another thread, but let me tell you, in person, this is SEXY!


I polished what I could by hand with the Metal Polish twins. The rest was the 4" Focus kit and the PC7424XP, as it was painted like the rest of the car.






The Engine with a "to do" list on it.







This intake is the Real Deal.



Dead Sexy polished out too.



Before Polish









After Polish




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Thank you again to Weaver Customs, Sydney and Randy for thinking of me to come and help get Boost ready for the Detroit Autorama! Thank you Adam for letting me leave the madness in the Warehouse to go out and help! I really am lucky to do what I do, and this was pretty much 36 hours of pure, straight, awesome.



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Thanks for the kind words everyone!


Redbeard, I used WW and a WW Towel, but sprayed the towel, and carefully blotted the Brushed Chrome. I was scared to mess up such Pristine work by Ogden Chrome!


This clear coat is pretty sweet! The pictures Nick took make me stop and stare pretty hard too.



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This is just an amazing job! Love the write up you really showed your talent Mook.


This is one great build .. had a friend at the show who also took a lot of pics ..this Roadster being one of them. I sent him an email with this threads link so he can see you in action using Adams products.

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