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Adams Detail Bag Review

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So i've been in the market for a nice detailing bag, to carry some of my stuff to do emergency cleaning or what not, i own a 2011 WRX, so this bag fits perfectly in my trunk.


As most people, we all would love to see how the bag is from inside to outside before we make the purchase, so i dedicated this thread to show you guys and the future comer who has interest in the Adams Detailing Bag.
















Now my personal opinions on this bag, and hopefully Adams will take this into consideration to improve the bag in the near future.



The rubber straps inside the bag was designed to hold 16oz bottles, this was the main reason that i decided to go with the Adams bag vs others.


Very high quality and well made, and as we all know made in the USA.


Comes with a lifetime warranty from Adams



The rubber straps is good, but there are rooms for improvements, instead of using the straps, possibly they could make pockets that fits the 16oz bottle, so it will be more sturdy. (Im afraid overtime the straps will get weakened and stretch)


The bottom has a plastic like protector? It should be made thicker and built within the fabrics, making it unmovable and stronger for the bottom


Last but not least, Adams should make the bag a tad bit bigger. Currently the width of the bag is 9", if it is around 12", this would give us a little more room to fit things like towels/applicators and what not.

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Great review. I love mine and it's recently changed over to carry only my polishers. I was surprised to be able to fit my PC, Griots Garage, Flex, and Rupes all in there together.


All in all it's just an awesome Made In America bag for all your detailing needs.

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I have the older type of this bag where the logo isnt an american flag in the background and my bag has been going stron for 8 years now! I do like the idea of 16oz bottle "pockets" tho because my straps have worn down/lost elasticity and it probably is time for a new one

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Good solid review. I do wish it was a tad bit bigger as well. Like maybe room for ONE more bottle per side, and about 2" wider to fit more stuff in the middle, I have to lay my Americana tub on it's side, whereas I'd like to lay it FLAT in the middle. I will say this though. I LIVE outta this bag, and for the 3 months I've been using it like crazy, it's held up 100% amazing so far!! :)

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This bag is one Adams product I do not have.


Thanks for the review. After seeing it I do wish it was a bit larger in size.

I might consider ordering one on the next holiday special depending on the discount

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A little larger would be nice or maybe an option for 2 sizes. I have 2, one for my PC and the other has my sidekick and Vac N Blo with DS and Interior supplies. The only caution to making the bag bigger is then you can stuff too much in & it is less manageable. Hence 2 bags for the different use case.

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