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Another noob with a TBSS and other toys


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I've been in the car world my whole life and was never properly introduced to real car care products until the last few years. Owning an 06 TBSS, I realized pretty quick that there is a huge Adams Polishes following. I spoke with Nick via PM on the TBSS forum, pulled the trigger, and here I am.


When it finally gets nicer, I plan on spending some time reviving my 100,000 mile SUV back to where it should be. The paint isn't perfect, but has been neglected and it really shows. My other vehicles also need help, and I am anxious for the weather to get nicer so I can knuckle down and take care of business.


What brought me here was to see how other people are using the products and also I am a sucker for progress and 50/50 pics that this forum is RIDDLED with. :2thumbs: I hope to post some of my own!


So far, I purchased the complete PC polisher kit, PC backing plate, and some In and Out spray. This is kind of my introduction into Adams products and I am sure I'll pull the trigger on the premium shine kit and some other odds and ends down the road.



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Thank you for the warm welcome!


2006 TBSS: ~103k, Black, AWD, Loaded minus Nav and sunroof, Forged LS2 (Jensen Engine Tech), Attitude cam, 4" FWI w/LS7 MAF, LS1 eFans, Jettt trans cooler, Stump's Garage tune, LT's and custom catback with a QTP ecutout, DoWork custom vinyl hockey stripes, overlays, some other goodies. Recently had the front end practically rebuilt with new axles, bearings, seals, brakes, etc. Soon to be equipped with a black grill bowtie, sprayed black grill, and euro headlights.





2008 Cadillac STS: ~61k, "base model", V6, RWD, Black Cherry, cashmere leather, 20% tint all around, this one will stay stock except for maybe an aftermarket grille and some wheels (either the 18" option or aftermarket).



1994 Trans Am: ~79k, Red, t-tops, ebony leather, under the knife for a built 355 setup, spray, 24x (LSx ignition and PCM), big cam, stall, etc.



1987 IROC: ~150k, primer black, 305, TH350. I was investing in an LSx swap on this, but then the TBSS motor grenaded and I lost interest. Right now it's parked under a car cover with two flat tires, begging for a 4.8 turbo transplant.



1998 Grand Prix GT: ~183k, black, HAI, GTP Trans/Radiator swap, I was gearing up for a top swap but found the Caddy so now this is for sale to help fund the T/A.



1993 GMC Sierra K1500: ~160k, blue, Summit carb style air filter, exhaust dumped before rear tires, 350, 5 speed, 4x4, ECSB. Also selling this to fund the T/A.


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