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Hi from South Carolina

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Hi everyone. I'm a big fan of Adam's products since I got a 370Z sort of on a whim. I've had 5 other ones before this one, alternating between luxury sporty cars and outright sports cars,


I love the lines on this car ... there's something very sensuous about working on this car. One year old, the car is in perfect condition in large measure due to Adam's products and my own neurosis. I have used Adams pretty much exclusively since I got her.


Tomorrow will be the first day I use the Porter Cable. Washed clayed today, also used the wheel cleaner for the first time along with the brush.


A little nervous about my first use of the PC...


In any case, hello everyone!

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Thanks for the welcome!


I'm not really nervous, more anxious to get started. I wonder if I will miss the closer physical contact, albeit much less productive, that hand polishing provided.


Since I only have a few very light swirls, I'm just going to use the FMP. Then use the machine sealant. Is there any difference/benefit using the machine sealant over the spray sealant? My car is white pearl. Would you recommend either Buttery or Americana after the sealant cures? (I have both.) Or would it be overkill?


Thanks in advance-



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