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Metal Polishing



Hello All,

I wasn't sure what to do here, it's not an automotive application, but the Engine on my RC airplane was heavily oxidized and just looking awefull. For how well this engine runs and what it costs I just couldn't take it anymore. Not sure what to do - Natrually I watched a few of Adam's videos. Sure enough metal polish seemed like the trick and what awesome results! I only spent maybe an hour on this last night, but now it's a thing of beauty! Probably could have spent more time and got it nicer, but I'm good to go now! Unfortunatly I didn't take a before picture, but if you look at the aluminum plate near to the red anodized peice you can get a feel for what it looked like, although I polished that as well some. The oxidation was soo bad you couldn't even read the logo on the crankcase. Anyway Thanks Guys!!!





PS oh, yes - polished the spinner some too...

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