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If you don't use glass sealant - check this out


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I think Adam's glass products are their best hidden gem, they don't seem to get enough attention or reviews. Sure detail spray is great and gets all sorts of attention but the glass products are at least as good and should be part of every detailers arsenal AND in every home owner's bag of home maintenance tools.


I have been running a test to better show and understand the effectiveness and benefits of glass sealant in a more controlled study format - a shower enclosure.


We have hard water and run a water softener. The softener does a pretty good job but some deposits can still accumulate over time if cleaning isn't done regularly.


In January I did a thorough cleaning of the two glass panels in the shower enclosure, using steel wool along with the 4" focus pad and Severe Swirl Remover. The panels both cleaned up and looked great.


On one panel I applied glass sealant and the other panel didn't receive any special treatment besides the thorough cleaning.


Here we are a little over two months later and the results speak for themselves. In the past two months I have not cleaned the glass, besides spraying the glass with the shower head and running a rubber blade across the glass a few times. No cleansers or chemicals have been used on the glass since then (yes, I have been cleaning the tile and grout!)


This is the panel without glass sealant. You can see the accumulated water deposits.



This is the panel that had the glass sealant applied. Crystal clean, no accumulated deposits are readily visible.



I love using Adam's glass products not only on the car but throughout the house. Windows and glass are always shiny!


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I was watching the video for the glass sealant and not really impressed with the durability 3-4 hundred mile is not very long thats about one tank of gas. I can't sell that to my customers as a up sale.


Glass sealant has IMO great durability. The durability is degraded by wiper friction. On a sunroof, side and rear windows I have the same application of glass sealant for over 6 months on a car sitting outside 24/7 in the central florida weather and it still beads and sheds water like I just applied it. This beading action on the windows is longer lasting than any of the sealants on the paint. The front window, after enough wiper action will need to be reapplied more often and this will be determined by how extensively the wipers are used.


In the past I have tried other brands of glass sealant type products and Adams products last much longer in my experience. :2thumbs:

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