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Stainless appliance polishing


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Hey all - Looking for some advice on the right products from the Adam's line to clean and polish stainless steel appliances. I've got an outdoor kitchen and because of where it is, my sprinklers get some water on some of the appliances and leave spots. So, I want to clean, polish and hopefully seal them in some way to repel water. I attached a picture of what I'm dealing with.


What would you all recommend? Thanks and sorry if this is covered somewhere...I looked around and didn't see anything (but I'm still a newbie around here). :)

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I know nobody was purposefully promoting other products, and I know for a fact MP#1 and MP#2 are the bees knees for Stainless stuff. My sink and also my grill can tell you!


My wife laughs at me when I bust the twins out to hit the sink. The kitchen lights hit it, and my sink looks all lit up!

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So, we make METAL polish which works STELLAR on outdoor appliances.


Any further promotion of competitor products in this thread, I will have to edit some posts.


Thank you for your understanding.




Keeping everyone in line, I didn't know you we're such a hard a$$:patriot:

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