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Hooded sweatshirts

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Apparel is one of those things that we kill off because no one buys it, but as soon as its gone, everyone wants it again. 


I'll get some quotes on small runs of hoodies, but we may make this a pre-pay kind of thing so we don't end up with hundreds of them sitting here collecting dust again. 

That way the people who legitimately want one, get one, and we don't buy more than we need. 

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Just got pricing back from our supplier -


  • 100% american made pull over hooded sweat shirts (black only)
  • Adam's logo on chest
  • Addicted to the Shine graphic on the back

Any quantity less than 100 would run you guys $49 (sizes S-XL)


If we get over 100 we could get the price down to $44 each (sizes S-XL)


Add $5 for sizes larger than XL


SInce we're not an apparel company we don't get big volume discounts... so things like this are a little spendy. If we have enough interest I'll take pre-orders via paypal or something to that effect and we'll order them all at once. 

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