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High Five for Revive



Used revive for the first time yesterday on a customers 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.


Steam Wash with the Optima -> no clay, paint was in solid shape, some minor swirling -> Revive Hand Polish (with buttery applicator as my blue hex was MIA) -> 2 Layers of Americana then finished with Detail Spray. 


Was really surprised just how well revive cleaned the paint and removed the minor swirls(this was the biggest thing I was looking for this product to do)


Adams should have coined the term, "Satisfaction Guaranteed", because there isn't a truer statement.


Took the pics with the Iphone 4 so apologies for the quality of pics and angles, not the best photographer.


Team Adam should team up with Crayola and make scented markers!






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Thanks guys,


I personally chose not to clay bar the car as the paint has been taken care of over the past year and was still really smooth(I did clay 2 scratches on the tailgate and passenger door then machine polished them for him as a courtesy). Had it been in rougher shape I would have suggested a full clay. Mind you, all he wanted was a wash and wax but since I wanted to try out the revive I asked if he'd be OK with it and he loved it.   


etalian, that is a good looking car, the Raptor is one of my favorite looking trucks. 


Enjoy your weekends!

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Let me tell you that Revive is my must have for my very white Pacecar Camaro.  It shows many little black spots after driving and I have found that Revive is the only thing that will clean some of these spots off. Gets the paint REALLY WHITE!! Fantastic product!

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