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Another NG....


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Just wanted to, say hi and thanks for the great products.


I bought a '13 Raven Black Scion FR-S and came here to find some quality products. I haven't been disappointed. I bought Adam's Clay Bar, Detail spray, All Purpose cleaner, Buttery Wax, new two step polish and a PC. On Friday I went to work on the FR-S. I must say being a new guy at polishing a car the correct way, it turned out better than expected. It's not 100% but pretty close for a daily driver. So far I am sold, I'll be a Adam's customer for life.


As a side note, I'm a Corporate pilot. Last week we had a day trip to the Denver area. Well our day trip turned into three when our Lear 45 decided to break. As luck would have it, I was only a few miles from Adam's HQ. I stopped by to pick up some stuff and was treated awesomely by the staff. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I wish the airplane would break there more often.


Thanks again for the great forum and how-to videos.


Here's a before/after. I probably should've worked the hood a little longer, but the good news is I get to do it again. :)




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It's not 100% but pretty close for a daily driver.

Realistically, a black daily driver (or any DD, really) can't be perfect for more than a few days at a time. That's not to say you shouldn't try, but between the color that shows everything and having your car exposed to regular hazards, you're going to have to prepare yourself to deal with the occasional flaw. The good news is, as an Adam's user, your car will still look better than 99% of the others out there! 

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