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Mustang cobra drag car full correction

the shine shop

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This is one of 4 cars this client is bringing for coating.

Used the correction system on both micro and foam pads,although I did find the finishing polish a little difficult to remove? Maybe technique or it does not play well with rupes?

Coated all paint,wheels and glass, svrt on engine,in and out on trim and engine as well as tires.

Thanks for looking.e8c19685d30159e27bd58afc4dd955f2_zps1440c3f2f2ace7566a97e56f265b450e2359_zpse4e99b411d8435012c4cb1b9cecd273e4319_zpsbfc0695700d25dff7b69c35a643bb5827c0a_zpsa0e3d9476b5da6e605cab74ac697540ecec6_zpsec1e0089558e002b0041ff755dfa0bbeceee_zpsc359eb8d09a22c0e3ce989b62b717bbe7539_zps057dd93acc5bb9f94b17dc0ea3b7adda4036_zps83ed

Sorry no outside shots,raining again!

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