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Mission Belt, Made in the USA


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Just ordered a Mission Belt from the company. Saw them on Shark Tank and they have made MILLIONS so far from these. Very neat individual concept of how their belt works. Kind of like a zip tie with a release!


I ordered the Vader 40 belt and can't wait for it to get here. If you order it too big, you just remove it from the buckle, cut the belt down, put it back in the buckle and you are good to go. They are leather as well.


Not to mention you can order tons of different buckles and swap them out as you please to fit the clothes you are wearing. I will probably end up ordering a few different buckles and belts myself in the near future.


I talked to their customer service and they were able to take my order number and skip all the processing stuff that slows it down so that I have it for my honeymoon. VERY excited to mess with this belt!


Check it out!

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Follow up... I need to get pictures of this thing... its SWEET! As soon as I got it I tried it out and its clever and awesome. I did have to cut my belt down and since I plan on losing weight, I will probably cut the belt down even more. But looking at it after I cut it, you wouldn't know that I did in fact cut it. I plan on getting some more of these for Christmas for friends and family. The buckles will all be different so I can fit each belt to each person. Glad I saw them on Shark Tank!

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Took some pics today. Can't wait to buy more buckles!


This is the back together. That's where you can remove the belt by undoing the clip and pulling the leather strap out.



This is the belt separated, you can see the holes where it holds the belt in.


Here you can see the catch part of the belt which is why it doesn't need holes.


Front side, no holes!


Belt inserted and latched...


Love this thing for sure. I wear it wherever I can. Definitely will be buying a brown one next!

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There was an article in the local paper a while back about these belts.  Funny how because they were featured on a TV show everybody wants one.  Looks more like a fashion belt as opposed to an everyday use belt IMHO. 




I use mine every day with no issues. It just so happens it looks good while being used every day. I never would have heard about it, had I not seen it on shark tank.

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Thanks for the post. I meant to order one of there when they were on Shark Tank, but forgot about them. I have a lot of problems with wearing belts due to lower back surgery and I think this may be the solution.


Will order this evening!

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Few likes/dislikes but ill explain...



I am doing a cleanse and already dropped a few inches... had to cut the belt down to fit!!! Love that.

I love the buckle selection and the functionality is still perfect. Ill notice im out walking and its still too loose, click click click, fits perfect.



I know I am losing some inches in the waist and its not so much the belts fault as it is my jeans but the buckle slides of the top of the jeans and lightly digs into my stomach sometimes while sitting. Im sure with resized jeans this would be fixed...

To go along with that, the buckle is not sharp per se, but it does dig in a touch where the mechanism is.

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I like their style of belt buckle, not necessarily the ratchet style but that fact they're not the traditional buckle style.. I hate when the leather gets worn out quicker when using the same hole over and over..  


I like when its just a 'pin' going through, similar to this:


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