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Missing Gallon Refills and Tshirt question

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The essentials gallon pack has been pulled down for now... most days it made more problems than it solved. Everyone wants to substitute and switch out 1 product or another, which makes a mess for us on the fulfillment side of things. We're trying to come up with a solution that would let people customize a collection or something to that effect, but it won't be happening during a sale. 


The bamboo shirts haven't been around for a long time now. 

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Dylan,  all you have to do is do is a drop down menu where you can select what products go in your essentials pack.  I understand some of the gallons are different prices, but that could all be worked out depending on what you selected for your other products.  That's quite a big savings pack to take down IMO.  I personally haven't ordered it in a while, but for the NOOB, it was a good deal. 

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