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Tested out the flex...everyone should try a tester!

HFX Detailing


Long story short I got my Flex in and I was so happy to finally get it (even though I told myself I would NOT get it until next year...) and I decided to test it.


I bought a spare part off of kijiji to test on, since I did not want to try it on a vehicle first.


Once I obtained said part, I cleaned it and put it through hell. You will see what I mean once you look at the album. Do not try what I did on anyones vehicle ever. 


After, I tried to 2 step polish system with the foam pads. I will try the Micro-fibre next and then mix and match the two so I get a feel for both.


I must say, I am glad I tested it out on a dummy part first. The flex is easy to use, but I felt more comfortable trying it out on a piece I did not care for. I quickly (within minutes) learned how to handle the Flex and also found out very quickly how much the sucker wants to get away from you. By the end, I felt like I could tackle my own car. I am hoping this weekend is good enough to do my car.


Enough chit chat, here is the album: http://imgur.com/a/OoXXe


Questions, comments?

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Chewy, shhhh...do not fill my head with such crazy things. I do not need a PC or Cyclo...I do not need a PC or Cyclo...I need a...darn....


I am aware you need more for a full correction. I am still surprised with what I got for my first try. 




It's a great tool, but like anything, it has its place as well as does the PC or Cyclo.  IMO, you can't do a proper correction with just the Flex.  For the small areas, you need the PC or Cyclo.  

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I will have nightmares tonight about my car going through what that trunk did lol.

I wish I could have video taped me using the flex so someone could have looked over it :/


I found that when I put polish on the foam pad, there would be still polish in the middle unless I pushed down really hard.

Great before and after demo.

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