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Good Morning!


Today I bring you something pretty cool I was honored to be contacted about.  Through a Forum we sponsor, I was given the lead to a client needing his new Corvette's paint corrected and sealed before Winter set in.   I didn't have a ton of time on this car, but that was okay.  I brought in the help of my friend JD_SS from 303 Motorsports for the closing part, and we finished on time!  


This car was to be an exterior only detail; WW Wipedown, Clay, Two Step Polish, Cleansing Polish, Sealant, and of course Wheels/Tires/Tips.  Let's get started with the Products/Process!


The Products and Process:
 ·         Wheel Wells and Tires cleaned by hand with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner and the Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels.
·         Entire Vehicle and Wheels were wiped down with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels
·         All Plastic venting and grille were dressed Adam's In and Out Spray.
·         Exhaust Tips cleaned and polished with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, .0000 Steel Wool (inside tip), Adam's Metal Polish Combo, Adam's Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and an old Adam's Single Soft Towel
·         Wheel Wells were dressed with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray.
·         Tires, Trim, and Wiper Cowl were dressed with Adam's SVRT and either the Adam's Pro Tire Sponge or Adam's Block Sponge Applicators.
·         Vehicle was masked with Adam's Professional Detailer's Masking Tape.
·         Door Jambs were cleaned with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels.
·         Exterior Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels.
·         Decontamination of paint and glass was done using Adam's Made in the USA Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant.
·          Paint was corrected (mainly just light scratching...with what looked to be a contaminated duster) with one pass on the Flex 3401VRG Polisher, Adam's 7" Orange Microfiber Paint Cutting Pad, and Adam's Paint Correcting Polish.  Spots were treated with the 4" Focus Pads on a Cordless Drill.
·         The entirety of the paint was polished with one pass on the same polisher, Adam's 7" White Foam Paint Finishing Pad, and Adam's Paint Finishing Polish.
·         Paint was treated to one pass of Adam's Revive Polish (to ensure the paint was extra clean of all polish residues) via the Adam's 7" Sealant and Waxing Pad on Speed 3.
·         Paint was treated to a new Prototype Sealant via the Adam's 7" Sealant and Waxing Pad on Speed 3.
·         Spots of Paint where I couldn't get a machine to Seal were instead treated with via the Adam's Americana Premium Wax and Glaze Applicator. (This includes the door jambs, the entire rear end where the tail lights are, and a few other tight places.)
·         Glass treated to Adam's Glass Sealant via the Adam's Microfiber Applicators, removed with Adam's Glass Towels.
·         All Polish and Sealant residue removed with Adam's DoubleSoft Towels.
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As mentioned above, the car didn't have a whole lot of the "dealer installed" swirl marks.  I imagine because of how this car and when this car was delivered, that the dealership didn't have the chance to perform their "detail" on it.  GOOD!  I will say however, there was quite a bit of light scratching marks mainly over the top surfaces of the car.  The owner had informed me he thought he had a contaminated duster.  At that point, I took the opportunity to educate him on how much more effective and safe Adam's Waterless Wash is in lieu of beating a duster back down into his finish.


This is how it looked upon showing up.  Lightly dusty, a little scratched, and definitely needing clay!




The deck lid area on this Stingray was really beat!




The spoiler also had some areas that were scratched.



Again, not a lot of swirl marks, but more light scratching...


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The vents near the badging along the side of the car looked brand new still, but I could tell with a little Adam's In and Out Spray, they would look proper.



Another before shot.



Light scratching above the badge.



Time to really start!  Adam's Waterless Wash would be the cleaner of choice today.



Once the car was wiped down, I began to focus my attention on the corners of the car.  I first grabbed my cardboard and laid it down on either side of the tires so that after I cleaned the Wheel Wells, I could dress them with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray.



They black out so nicely with this stuff!


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I also took this time to spray Adam's In and Out Spray everywhere I couldn't get the Adam's SVRT Tire Dressing.  This meant along the front of the grille, the brake vents, and a few other spots through out the car.  After that was complete, I dressed the tires and rear splitter with Adam's SVRT.




With the Stingray now clean, I could move on to decontamination of the paint with Adam's Made in the USA Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant.



Yes, this was an "audible clay" car.  I could hear it working!  Yikes!



Each panel left the clay looking about like this:


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The Stingray now free of all surface contamination, I had a clean surface to start the Paint Correction Process.  In testing, I determined that I would need only one pass of Adam's Paint Correcting Polish and only one pass of Adam's Finishing Polish.  Here is what the paint looked like close up, after I was done with this step.





Such a great color!



Right before the Revive Pass.



This paint was popping hard for only being inside!




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That's all I have!  Thank you for taking the time to stop in and look!  General Motors and The Corvette Team really hit a HomeRun with the new Corvette.  This car top to bottom is so much...more detailed than Corvettes of generations past.  From the little flag inside the headlights, to the active rear vents...to THE PAINT BEING SO WONDERFUL to work with...I LOVE IT!




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Glad you "educated" him about those dusters.  What a mess!  But you sure saved his butt with that detail Dylan. Great job.  I don't know how long I'll be keeping my C6.  Those C7's are amazing.



It was actually me who detailed this one. Thanks though for the kind words everyone!

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