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Hi All,


I just purchased a brand spanking new Audi R8 in pearl black (and yes, i know black is a labor of love).  I don't know what kind of paint Audi is using in 2014 but that clear coat seems to scratch even if you just rub a towel across it (and i'm not kidding). 


The other day i got the car detailed and afterwords i noticed that there were micro scratches in the paint finish at the rear of the car...you know, those ones you can see if you shine direct light on the car.  I also noticed that the rear brake lights had some scratches in them.


That guy who detailed the car used an unclean towel on a 170K car!  He was applying instant shine on the rear of the car and that's where the scratches must have come from.  I have tried everything from cleaner wax to scratch remover and none of them work well. 


Does anyone either at Adam's or on the forum have any advice as to the best way to remove micro scratches from a paint finish by HAND?  I don't have a DA, by the way.


It seems like that Audi paint is rock hard so that its real hard to remove micro scratches but so easy to scratch at the same time...needless to say its driving me crazy.  a lot of pressure?  a little?  products to use? how much polish?  etc. etc...feel free to send anything.


any advice on how to best remove scratches is appreciated.  and by the way, i can't catch my fingenail on the scratches so they are not too deep.





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IMO you will not be able to remove those swirls by hand.  A PC, Cyclo, or Flex is your best and safest bet.  Unfortunately you cannot generate enough power by hand to remove them.  

I am guessing there is an seasoned Adam's user in your area that would be willing to help you get the shine back to where is should be.  


And get some proper washing supplies so you can keep way from those other car wash places!

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The best you're going to be able to do for micormarring by hand is really something with filling properties, which is obviously not a permanant fix.  Find a GOOD detailer/detail shop in your area explain what's going on.  A few minutes looking around on r8talk should net you a few leads on local reputable detailers.  Ensure they have some sort of knowledge & experience with exotics.  That Phantom Black Pearl is straight up painful to deal with.  If you're in the Philly Metro/South Jersey areas (or a reasonable distance from them) PM me and we'll set something up.

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Ok, thanks guys.  I'm new to this whole detailing thing but from what i've learned so far, letting someone else work on your car is never the same as doing it yourself and i've paid the price.


I guess i'll have to bite the bullet and buy a flex kit from Adam's.  I've bought a lot of other stuff from them and i have to admit they make it easy and simple to get what you need.


I just love the pearl black on the R8 but from what i've read here, pearl black is a royal BI$#CH to keep perfect.


Any advice on the best way to polish micro scratches vs. an actual oxidized finish?  Should i use the complete 2 step system or should i use just 1 step?




P.S.  I know it was a sin to not post the pic of the car, so here she is...ocean view, 80 degree day in Palos Verdes, CA.


P.P.S. - There are two types of people out there:  1. those who live in California and 2.  Those who wish they did!  Ask Adam...he's from LA :D

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Least aggressive method. Start with the white pad and fine machine. If that fixes it then awesome! If not, clean the white pad with compressed air/pad brush and set it aside. Use the orange. If you were doing the whole car you'd do a spot like this in a small area to see what your up against for the whole car but since your issue is just on the rear deck just do it there.


Don't forget to protect it after your done!

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