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Hello Again!


This Camaro came in for a quick paint correction/exterior detail a few weeks back.  Pretty run of the mill process here, save for I used the Cyclo for this project.  Included in this detail were:


  • Wheels/Tires/Trim/Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed
  • Engine and Exhaust Tips Cleaned and Dressed
  • Two Bucket Wash
  • Paint Decontamination with Claybar and Detail Spray
  • Paint Correction with the Cyclo Polisher and the Paint Correction System
  • Wheels polished with Revive
  • Paint and Wheels sealed with Quick Sealant
  • Glass sealed with Glass Sealant

Here is what it looked like upon arrival:







Not too bad, but enough.




















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The Products and Process:  
·         Wheel Wells and Tires cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner and the Adam's 20" Fender Brush.

·         Wheels cleaned with Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner, Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, and Adam's Turbostick.

·         Engine Bay cleaned with Adam's All Purpose CleanerAdam's Wheel Woolies, and Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush.

·         Exhaust Tips cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, .0000 Steel Wool (inside tip), Adam's Metal Polish Combo, Adam's Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and an old Adam's Single Soft Towel.  

·         Two Bucket Wash with Grit Guards and Two Wash Pads from the Adam's Complete Two Bucket Wash Kit.

·         Vehicle was dried using Adam's Air Force Master Blaster and Adam's Great White Drying Towel.

·         Engine Bay, Tires and Trim were dressed with either Adam's SVRT or Adam's In and Out Spray.

·         Wheel Wells were dressed with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray.

·         Vehicle was masked with Adam's Professional Detailer's Masking Tape.

·         Door Jambs were cleaned with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels.

·         Interior Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels.

·         Decontamination of paint and glass was done using Adam's Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant.    

·         Exterior Glass then sealed with Adam's Glass Sealant, Adam's Microfiber Applicator Pads and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels.

·         Paint corrected (swirl marks, light scratches, and water spotting) with the Cyclo Polisher, Adam's 4" Orange Foam Paint Correcting Pads, and Adam's Paint Correcting Polish.

·         The entirety of the paint was polished with the same polisher, Adam's 4" White Foam Finishing Pads, and Adam's Paint Finishing Polish.

·         Paint and Wheels treated to Adam's Quick Sealant via the Adam's Americana Hex Grip Applicator.

·         All Polish and Sealant residue removed with Adam's DoubleSoft Towels.

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