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Hello! My name is Chad, and I'm a horsepower junkie. I'm also hooked on Adam's Polishes. Haha

I enjoy car detailing, racing, and car shows. I'll be reading around the forums on detailing tips and tricks for winterizing paint.

Anyways, here's my car. 765rwhp '01 Z06.



Some before/after photos!









And the worst paint I've corrected on my friends '98 Trans Am: Bird droppings removed with an S.O.S. pad. Yes..... You read that right. An S.O.S. pad.


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GEEZ!  I thought that was my old Vette!  I had a black 02 Z with the mod red interior.  Still trying to find it. 

Great ride, easy to take care of with Adam's products. This was my black one.  If you ever want tips on how to shine that thing up, let me know. Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks guys!


I'm interested in seeing what you use. I haven't tried the two step stuff yet.

Usually, swirl and haze, fine machine polish, then super sealant. Twice a year. I haven't perfected the buffing on a black car yet as you can still see fine scratches and a little haze in the direct sunlight.

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