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New Car Winter Woes



This is my first post on the forums so hey everyone! Looking for some insight, anything is appreciated.


I'll start off with some background information. This is for a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, that I expect to recieve in mid December (unfortunately due to setbacks). It has Ford's Molten Orange metallic tri-coat, and will be a daily driver. I live in Michigan so it will see winter, and I don't have a garage. I also don't have a fancy machine, and I am not trying to break the bank after the car purchase either  :(


With that being said, how do I go about detailing my new car, and at the same time also protecting it from the evil winter. (If you could recommend steps, along with their specific product that'd be perfect!) 


Thanks guys!  :thumbsup:


oh and here is one of my favorite shots captivating the Molten Orange... 


(photo: SX86 @ Fiestast.net) 



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Welcome and congratulations on your (soon-to-be) new car!  Detailing in the winter presents some special challenges.  I'm afraid I don't see many options unless the weather cooperates (at least briefly) or you have (at least temporary) access to a climate-controlled garage.  Assuming at least one of those things happens, this is what I did to my new GT500...


1.  Strip wash using a Car Wash Pad with Shampoo and APC

2.  Dry with a Great White Towel (and DS as required)

3.  Dress all plastic/rubber moldings, trim, and stripes with SVRT

4.  Clay entire car using DS as a lubricant

5.  Polish with FMP and White Pad on my PC7424XP

6.  IPA wipedown with SS Microfiber

7.  MSS and Gray Pad on my PC

8.  BG and Red Pad on my PC

9.  Americana (one of two carnuba waxes I use) and Gray Pad on my PC


If a machine polisher isn't in the budget, you might give Revive Fine Hand Polish on a Blue Pad a try, along with QS.  (Some form of sealant will, however, provide the most durable protection for your paint.)  Everything else I recommended can be applied by hand.

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If there aren't any swirls or imperfections in the paint, I would:


Wash with car shampoo and an Adams wash mitt.


Spray sealant.

Wax (optional; Americana is great if you have it)

SVRT on the tires and black trim.


That a basically what I just did on my new tacoma, which will be spending most of the winter in the driveway.

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