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Updates on out of stock towels

Team Adam's


As you know the demand for our towels often times exceeds the speed they can be produced, so its not unusual to see our towels run out from time to time. 


Just to update everyone - a large shipment of great whites was received today and a HUGE shipment of double softs is set to arrive tomorrow. We will need to QC all of them first and then they'll be ready to ship. 


For anyone waiting on a backorder we are processing those first, before they are published for sale to everyone else. 


Single softs, unfortunately, are still in very short supply. We'll update the forum on those as we know more. Thanks for your patience. 

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Any news on the single soft yet??? I know Dylan said he'd update the forum with any news, just getting very antsy!!!!


why not just pick up the new blue borderless??

i picked a few up and they're almost the same thing, borderless even better, same thickness, no border, better color, slightly larger...


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