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So I did a detail on an '94 Jeep Wrangler


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Hello there all,

I figured I'll take a stab at this and post up what I did recently. I usually don't do other's cars besides my own, and close family, since compared to many of you, I'm still learning the various techniques and about different products, so this was a first outside/paid job. 


Recently, I was speaking to someone at my job, who were highly interested in a "clean-up" of their '94 Wrangler. The car was in pretty bad shape, it does have paint chipping in certain areas and lot's of DEEP scratches and damage that you can feel with your finger nails. It SEEMS as if it was repainted at some point, but it didn't seem like it was done rihgt. I gave them the general disclaimer, and told them I can try and bring it back to life. 


Initially they were a bit confused how this is different than the other 'car-wash-detail', after some explanation it was clear. They basically wanted a simple clean-up of the interior and just do some work on the outside to "make it look better". After the car was done, I was told by some that what I did, was more than just a simple detail! 



Disclaimer to the forum: 

The car did need more work than it got, but that starts to fall outside of what a detail is. There were some very tight spots that were rather difficulty to get to and other pieces required removal, naturally I didn't start disassembling the whole car so did the best I can. 


Result is quite satisfying, at least to me, but the owner was very happy aswell as the other people who live in the building. Someone went as far as saying the owner repainted the car -_- 


(no particular order on any of these)



- Wheels cleaned using DWC & APC and various brushes 

- Wheel wells cleaned with APC and various brushes

- Engine portions covered and cleaned using APC + various brushes / Treated with In & Out and VRT 

- Vehicle, underhood, and various other parts sprayed with Iron-Out

- Two bucket wash with APC mixed in

- Foam Cannon with Adams Shampoo 

- Tires dressed 

- Nanoskin autoscrub & Adams Claybar 

- Flex Polisher 

-- Adams Paint Correcting & Finishing Polishes along with the Micfrofiber pads were used for most of the exterior

--- Focus pads on certain areas 

-- Revive Polish used in certain other spots 

- Rubber and plastic areas treated with VRT / In & Out 

- Two Coats of Adams Quick Sealant 

- Buttery wax 



- Carpets fully removed from vehicle

-- cleaned using Adams Carpet cleaner, APC, carpet brush and a pressure washer

- Vacuumed using shop vac

- Interior washed using wash mitts and Adams Shampoo mixed with APC, (can't believe I'll say this but rinsed using garden hose ^_^) and left to dry overnight. 

- Plastics/Vinyl/Leather cleaned using Adams Leather and Interior cleaner, interior brush, and trim brush

- Leather seats claned using uber carpet brush on DA, interior brush, and Adams Interior cleaner

- Certain interior pieces got VRT treatment while others were Adams Leather and Interior Conditioner. (seats too)




- I also had to re-install the soft-top as there were missing pieces from the install and it wasn't done right.




Certain pictures were taken with my phone so excuse the quality. I'll post random shots below and the rest can be seen at this link:




on Flickr





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Great Job bud, looks like you really knocked that thing out of the park. And it does appear to be repainted. The "bubbles" you see in the paint is from the shop that painted it. They more than likely didnt have great filtering, or any air filters on their compressor which allowed moisture to get in with the paint.

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