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Paging LaserBlueSilverado - PW Pump Question


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Roughly 6 months after purchasing this PW, it started to seep oil.  It's hard to pinpoint where, but it looks like from the pump area (maybe the shaft seals?)...I checked the manual, it says Mx free, and not to add oil. 


A.  Where the heck is the sight tube to check the oil?


B.  I have pump oil, should I service it, or is this a normal thing?


I was just going to pull the black breather at the top there, check and add oil...but wanted to check with an expert first.


Dumb questions coming from a mechanic (doh), but I dropped the issue after I read the manual, and haven't picked up the pursuit/research again.  Your extensive knowledge of PW's pushed me to take some pictures.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks, Dave





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To some extent I agree...


However, something Mx free to a consumer should never have to be touched (time changes, preventative mx).  However, when it breaks, it's not Mx free, lol.  We are mechanically inclined so it's easy for us to understand, but some Grandma who buys something Mx free...won't be doing any Mx on it unless it breaks. 


Transmission fluids, and this is JUST me (and my dad on about 30 cars he's owned, lol), unless you are experiencing problems with shifting or clunking, I won't change my fluid.  The new detergents introduced many times will cause the seals to start leaking.

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