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Where is your Black Friday $$$ Spent?

Team Adam's

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I'm not sure where my money is being spent, but my bootie will be at the house.  Unless my house is on fire, NOTHING is making me go out.  


We always TRY to buy American, but unfortunately, it's becoming increasingly harder to do so. Especially when you have young kids. We bought some cool trucks for Eli (oldest) that were made in Germany.  HECK of a LOT better than China. 

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This is a great explanation of why manufacturing is important to America!  I pulled a couple of remarks. 

Let’s talk about manufacturing. You say a country that stops doing mass manufacturing falls apart. Why?

In every society, manufacturing builds the lower middle class. If you give up manufacturing, you end up with haves and have-nots and you get social polarization. The whole lower middle class sinks.

You also say that manufacturing is crucial to innovation.

Most innovation is not done by research institutes and national laboratories. It comes from manufacturing—from companies that want to extend their product reach, improve their costs, increase their returns. What’s very important is in-house research. Innovation usually arises from somebody taking a product already in production and making it better: better glass, better aluminum, a better chip. Innovation always starts with a product.

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That is all true Feets31.


What is Black Friday?   LOL    I have a few things I am going to look for on Black Friday but now it starts on Thursday evening.   I have a couple items that I am going to purchase for my parents on Thursday Evening/Black Friday.


I try to buy American on everything.  

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We started years ago trying to buy as much American made stuff as possible. With toys, it's nearly impossible, but clothing for sure.  Plus for my daughter and her husband, we get gift cards for them for stores that handle American made items. 

We try to do our part. 

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