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Thanks Adam's

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Ill second this as I was missing a nozzle with the Perfect Interior Kit & 36oz APC I ordered a while back...  I inquired if I could purchase a 3 pack of nozzles to be shipped when the Backordered items in the Interior Kit shipped to save me a little on shipping costs...


In less than 10 minutes I received this


Order Date: 10/25/2013 2:18:50 PM Order Number 2XXXXX  (Item(s) missing from previous order. Customer Service approval required. ) Coupon Details: 100.00 % , Free Shipping Payment Method: No Payment Required


Bill To:


Ship To:



SKU: Product Quantity Price Ext. Price   SPRY-16 Adam's 16oz Replacement Sprayers 3 $1.50 $4.50  


Order Notes:

SubTotal:   $4.50 Discount: Coupon Percent -$4.50 Net SubTotal:   $0.00 Shipping:   FREE SHIPPING Tax:   $0.00 Total:   $0.00

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