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My washes with Adam's Rinseless Wash



I used Adam's Rinseless Wash twice a few weekend's ago - once for an 'inside' wash before a correction, and once for the maintenance wash on our cars.


On the Saturday I washed a Corvette in the owners garage (due to the poor weather outside).  I followed that up with an IPA wipe down, then polished the car.


On the Sunday I washed both our car and truck with a single mixture of Rinseless wash.  I mixed 1 oz in 2 1/2 gallons of water and started on my truck.  The truck was washed in the full sun, air temp about 75 degrees.  The 'panel wash' method worked great for this - no streaking or residue.


My wash order (mitt is 'cleaned' in the rinse bucket and 'reloaded' in the wash bucket after step)  

  1. roof, splitting it in halves - back of roof & rear window, flip mitt, front of roof & windshield
  2. other side of roof  
  3. doors on one side - front door, top to bottom, flip mitt, other door top to bottom
  4. trunk/rear quarter - half of trunk  and one quarter, flip mitt, other side
  5. doors on other side
  6. front end - half of hood & one quarter, flip mitt, other side

My wash technique

  • Pre-treat areas with Adam's Rinseless Wash pre-mixed in a 1/2 gallon pump-up sprayer


  • Dunk a premium MF towel in the wash solution and wring it out - I dunk and wring several times until the towel is completely wet.  (I use a quality MF from Detailer's Domain for this)
  • Do the same with the wash mitt
  • Load up the wash mitt and clean the first panel (see above for order)
  • Wipe cleaned panel with damp MF towel from first step
  • Spritz DS on panel
  • Dry with Adam's Waterless Wash towel
  • Clean mitt in rinse bucket
  • wring out damp towel
  • load mitt in wash bucket and on to the next panel

I use a 'dreadlock' mitt to do the washing, and used a bug sponge to clean the front of the truck:



Here is the rinse bucket after doing the truck:



And here is how much wash solution was left after doing the truck:



I emptied the rinse bucket (actually had to spray it with some APC to remove the 'ring'), refilled it to just above the Grit Guard, flipped the damp towel & WW towel to the other side, and got started with the car.


This is what remained after washing both cars:



I used a small wheel brush with this leftover solution to wash the wheels of both cars (rims only, not the tires).  I start on the rear (drum brakes on both) then do the fronts.


So this is my method. feel free to ask questions.

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I look forward to using the Adam's rinseless product.


Your rinseless process is similar to mine.


I use multiple microfiber mitts (pile type not the chenile) and break down the wash areas similarly as well except I do the lower sides of doors with a separate mitt (upper half of doors with one mitt, lower half with another mitt) but end up using around 6 to 8 mitts.



I do use the spent rinseless on wheels but have a rinseless tire cleaner if necessary.

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