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My flawless, perfectly built & customized, crazy low-mileage Charger...is FOR SALE


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This will be a full writeup, and detailed outline of the car. From roof to rocker and bumper to bumper. If I leave something out, and you'd like to know, please just text me at 205-907-6214. However, please don't message me, if you have no money, or no intentions of buying the car. My asking price of $38,500 is INCREDIBLY FAIR for all the intense detail put into this car. You will not be able to walk into a bank and get a loan for this amount, so don't bother going in to ask them, lol. A super-clean, low-mileage 2006 SRT only "books out" at low $20k's. This car will be reserved for the individuals that have the capital to make the purchase. As much as I love this car, I also reserve the right to sell it to somebody that will take OUTSTANDING care of it. I will NOT let this car go to some idiot who's only going to trash it out. Now, with all my formalities out of the way....let's get down to business. smile.png

Started life as a 2006 SRT8 Charger, Option groups 1 & 2
Bought the car in April of 2006 with 58 miles on it, from a dealership in Georgia, that is no longer in business.
Within the first month, she received the following mods fromMorgan Performance Fabrication:
  • Full debadge
  • 35% 3M window tint on sides, 20% rear window
  • Kooks long tube headers
  • Magnaflow hi-flow cats
  • Magnaflow cat-back exhause
  • K&N Cold air intake
  • 180* thermostat
  • Hotchkis sway bars
  • DiabloSport Predator canned 93 octane tune
  • KWV2 coilovers
  • Toyo Proxes tires
  • Rear strut tower brace
  • rolled fenders
Of course as time goes on, we all want more. So the next round of mods involved a set of Asanti Forged wheels, that are long since gone. And the exhaust got upgraded to its current configuration:
  • Cut out the rear mufflers from the Magnaflow system
  • Welded in a more "free flow 4" bullet style" Magnaflow muffler
  • So it ends up being a slightly modded version of the "off the shelf" Magnaflow setup
Then the first time getting deeper into the motor, I started off with an old Power Ported Performance, head & cam setup on the OEM 6.1 block. That lasted less than a year, and then I upgraded to the following, all at the same time:
  • Indy Racing forged 426 block, with 10.3:1 compression ratio
  • 232/238 - 603/580 - 113 LSA camshaft
  • PPP Stage II heads
  • Stage III extrude honed intake manifold
  • Arrington 90mm cast Throttle Body
  • 50lb. injectors
  • Driveshaft Shop 1000hp axles
  • Quaife LSD
  • Full Royal Purple fluids conversion
Well driving around on all those upgrades only lasted a couple thousand miles, and the OEM transmission gave out. So then all this got done:
  • Southern Hotrod Nag1-HtcR transmission upgrade
  • Precision Industries 3200 torque converter
  • LegMaker true 4" Cold air intake
  • Black anodized, Fore Precision, billet fuel rails & steel braided crossover lines
  • FULL Billet Technology underhood package in red
  • Dual Aeroforce digital gauges, custom SRT overlay
  • BWoody sway bar end links
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Red SRT426 gauge overlay, and painted black gauge needles
  • Final tune by Andy of PPP (now PWR) and Johan at DiabloSport, 530rwhp & 520rwtq (been driving flawlessly on this tune for YEARS now)
This puts us to about April of 2009. And I was falling in love with the car more and more. The addiction got deeper, and I did the following:
  • Stack Performance front strut tower brace
  • Upgraded Mopar motor mounts
  • MoPower SRT chin spoiler done in flat black
  • Full custom suede (REAL SUEDE, not cheapo microfiber crap) interior by Price Upholstery
  • Headliner, pillars, seat inserts, & hand-wrapped gauge pillar
  • Full Billet Technology interior package (I mean ALL OF IT) done in black anodized, designer series
  • Billet Technology 426 door emblems (interior)
  • Custom painted candy red SRT426 calipers
  • Body color matched turn signals
  • Painted entire engine bay body, Brilliant Black to match the body
  • Headrests & floormats done with new SRT426 logos, Mopar center console cover by Jina's Embroidery
  • TruFiber rear carbon fiber diffuser, with flat clear
Then came the stereo upgrades, the stock kicker system wasn't doing it for me anymore. So I visited Jason at Appearance Audio for the upgrades:
  • Pioneer AvicX-940BT head unit
  • Kicker KS-690 6x9 in front door
  • Kicker OEM 3.5" in dash
  • Kicker KS-693 6x9 in rear deck
  • Kicker 375 amp to run all cabin speakers
  • Kicker 750 amp to run subwoofer
  • Kicker L5 12" subwoofer
  • Dynamic Ground System, ground cables upgrade
  • Front doors, rear deck, trunk floor, and trunk lid all covered in Dynamat
  • XStatic - Batcap 2000 - battery/capacitor upgrade
This puts us at about fall of 2010, so I ordered a couple things from Flashtech. And then I visited the one & only Goolsby Customs for all kinds of aesthetic changes:
  • OEM tails fitted with Flashtech halos
  • Light tint tails, and paintmatch outer edges
  • OEM 2008 projector headlights, fitted with white Flashtech halos
  • Halo circuit boards painted flat black for a cleaner aesthetic when turned off (no visible circuit boards)
  • Bosch 6k HID headlights & fogs installed
  • Lower interior door pockets painted with a "1-off" Mopar design
  • Flat black roof & grille, to match front chin spoiler
  • Completely shave trunk (delete keyhole, spoiler, and 3rd brake light)
  • Build 1-off, low profile, handcrafted & formed decklid spoiler
  • Shave washer nozzles off hood, paint underside of hood to body color
  • Full body color paint match & silver accents done, on underhood parts: Engine half covers, ABS cover, rad cover, coolant resevoir, fusebox cover
Then I contacted Pete, at Zygote AutoSport, for a full air ride setup, and went back to Goolsby for install of:
  • Koni yellow, fully adjustable shocks
  • Dual Viar 480 compressors
  • UAS 4 gallon tank
  • UAS bags
  • air/water separators
  • Full Accuair ride management
  • Accuair VU4 valve block
  • Accuair E-level, digital auto leveling system
  • All hose lines are wrapped again in rubber hose, and hidden in welds of frame & body
  • Absolutely nothing is exposed under the car
  • Total clean, carpeted install in trunk floor
  • New battery
Went back to Jason at Appearance for a complete re-do and upgrade of trunk layout & install, for a 100% clean, OEM style layout of audio and carpet. And then the final addition of my 2nd set of wheels and tires from Pete at Zygote AutoSport:
  • Savini Forged
  • Extreme Concave SV-31c
  • 22x10.5 rear, 22x9 front
  • Brushed aluminum face, gloss black barrels
  • Nexen N3000 tires
  • 295/25 rear, 265/30 front
Just a month ago, I made the choice to wrap the roof and wheel barrels in a Brushed Satin Gold vinyl. So I will have pictures below of BOTH the car's CURRENT look, and the previous look, before the vinyl was applied. If you buy the car, I can have the vinyl removed at your wish, but also AT YOUR EXPENSE (Probably about $300), to return the car to its previous image. Your wish is my command, but the car is being sold in its current configuration, unless you specify. Now to answer a few questions:

How did you decide on the price? I bought the car for $45k. I have well over that invested. My "out of pocket" expenses on this car, easily total over $100k. That being said, I know I'll never get that back out of it. It probably COULD SELL at $50k. But it would take foreeeeeever to find the right buyer. At $38,500 I feel it's an INCREDIBLY fair price, for aaaaaaaaaall that's been done, with no detail overlooked. It should make for a moderately quick sale, and give the new owner ONE HELL OF CAR for the money.
Why are you selling it? I resigned from my former (well-paying) career to launch my new high-end detailing business this year. On top of that, my wife did not return to work after our new baby boy this year. Those combination of factors, stack up to my need to sell. I'll use this money to pay off some debt, and invest in my new business. I've also been craving to buy an old car for the past couple years. So I'm looking to do that.
What else would be good for me to know about this car? It currently only has 19,xxx miles on it. It's RARELY driven. Usually sitting with a battery tender on it for a few weeks, between outings, which are only cruse-ins and shows. The ONLY PEOPLE that have ever touched this car, are highlighted, bolded, and linked above. Other than AMP'd, who replaced an oil pump. The entire car is peeeerrrrrrrrrrrfect. Literally perfect. With my skills in detailing, the paint is absolutely FLAWLESS, at all times. It looks like liquid metallic black glass. And the interior is perfect as well. Zero issues with anything on the car. Runs perfect, all day long, every day of the year. Whoever buys this sled, will literally feel like they're getting a BRAND NEW car. Every inch of the Charger has been thought out to provide perfect form AND function. It's a 100% turn-key winner. The forged motor is completely setup to get supercharged, so if you'd like to put 9-11lbs. of boost on it, you'd easily see 650-700rwhp with a supercharger of your choice, should you decide to do so upon buying...she's ready.
How do I get ahold of you if I want to discuss the car? My cell phone number is 205-907-6214, my name is Chase. Feel free to call. But you'll get a quicker response via text. PMs here on the forum, will take a few hours for me to get back with you, maybe up to a full day. My email is - insanepaintdetailing@gmail.com - which is another option to reach me. But texting your questions, or desires for reply, is the absolute fastest way to get me. I cannot stress enough, to NOT waste my time with low-ball offers or tire-kicking shenanigans. This car is only for sale, to the proper, serious buyer.
How do I handle purchase of the car? There is a very small balance owed on this car, so you'll need to patient with the bank/title. And due to that, some bill of sale transactions & signatures will need to be handled via fax/email/notary, etc. Nothing major, but we will have to do some of those basic procedural things. I will accept cash, cashier's check, or verified bank check. Absolutely no personal checks will be accepted. Shipping will be arranged 100% on your part, but I will gladly work with you on pick up times.

Here's the pictures. Remember, the current look of the car, is with the brushed gold wrap. The previous image can be easily obtained if you wish, by removing the vinyl.....

































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Pictures of the previous look, before the vinyl was applied....
Flat black roof, which is what's under the gold vinyl.



No more washer nozzles!



front wheels


Rear wheels














Thanks for taking the time to look, read, and take it all in. I'm very easy to get along with, and work with. I'd be glad to help you out in any way I can, whether it's answering questions, arranging pick-up for your shipment, or accepting payment. BUT I WON'T DO IT ALL FOR YOU, AND I'LL ONLY WORK WITH A SERIOUS BUYER. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything, if you're genuinely equipped to handle the transaction.
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Good luck with the sale Chase, cool car. 


Good luck, seems like a really good price. I was just wondering why you can't go to the bank and ask for a loan for your asking price? 


Most banks even with perfect credit won't give you a used car loan for $15K more than the car is worth.  They don't care about modifications.  Just what's in the book (NADA, KBB)....now if you pay the difference, then it's all good.  Kind of like when you go to buy a house...if the seller is trying to get $50K more than it's appraised at...they won't give you the loan. 

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Thanks so much for the support gentlemen.  And you are ALL correct.  Will be THE hardest thing I've had to do, to date.  I'm hoping it goes out of state as well, lol.  HELL, out of COUNTRY would be better, lol.  "Out of sight, out of mind" right?? Probably will be some tears involved.  But I have to make this sacrifice.  I don't have a choice.

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