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I dropped the "Adam Bomb"... on my F150



After contemplating if I should do a full paint correction on my 2002 F150, I decided what the heck, I have nothing better to do with 10 hours so I grabbed my waterless wash and went to town. After blowing off Xmass shopping, I locked myself in the garage and here are my results. My truck has never been machined before or had sealant applied in 12 years so I was interested to see how it would come out. I clayed it in late summer and hit it with Brillinat Glaze and then some Buttery wax so it would make it through the rest of the summer months, so it saved me a step on the clay bar this time around. I hit it with Severe Swirl remover (green) then Paint Correcting (orange) Brillint Glaze, and then Machine Super Sealant (gray).I tried the orange paint correcting but could not get all of scratches out so went with the green swirl remover and then back to the orange and it worked out great. Never has it looked this good before and the red paint REALLY pops even after 12 years in the New England weather. I use my truck to pull my 4 wheelers and my snowmobiles all during the winter so it will be interesting to see how the sealant hols up. Shine on !!!! 











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