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How to polish plastic hub caps?

Nevada Smith


I have some questions regarding these plastic hub caps:


1) Will machine polishing with a DA ruin the concentric ring pattern? (The surface feels smooth so the rings aren't deep--perhaps a few thousandths of an inch.)


2) Which polish (or polishes) / pad combos should be used? (I'm wondering if there is a polish specifically made for plastic like this?)


Thanks for your help.








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Those 'should' be clear coated and unless you strike through the clear, you won't come into contact with the machined surface and even then you'll be hard pressed to remove that finish with a foam pad. I would most likely forgo attempting to machine polish them though.


Having said that, most of those defects should come out with some old fashioned elbow grease and hand polishing them. I would also start with the least aggressive method first and second the suggestion to try Revive first. If that doesn't remove enough or all of the defects, I would then try the Paint Finishing Polish. Again, if not aggressive enough, step up the the Paint Correcting Polish. Then work your way back down as necessary.


They should clean up pretty easily.

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