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07 Trailblazer SS, full paint correction complete


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I copied this from my post over on tbssowners.com.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to look.


What's up guys/gals?

I've been meaning to post these pics up for the past week or so, but haven't had time.

I bought my 3SS 07 Trailblazer back on the 27th of August, and it was in serious need of a good paint correction, and full interior detail.  The interior was so horrible, I do what I always do when I buy a car.....strip it to the bare shell, and scrub everything in the driveway that can be scrubbed.


Working 7 days a week, some 12 hr shifts, some 8, kind of kills your time and drive to get out and do work, before actually going into work.  So, I only had 2-4 hrs a day before work to work on this each day.  That's the whole reason it took forever to do.

I only have a couple of pics of the interior, well floor mats, lol.  I got some of the nice embroidered ones so I figured I'd let you guys see em that are maybe on the fence about them.


Anyways, here are the pics from the day I got her to currently

The day I brought it home. ( you can see the guy didn't care anything about keeping it clean...but mechanically the truck is extremely well cared for, as the guy was a tech at a dealer.)l8m7.jpg



After a first wash that took what seemed like half of a day...this is what the whole truck turned out to look like.....swirl city!

On to the pics during, and after paint correction with all Adam's products.




This is for everyone that said, "You need to buy new headlights." Lol.

Final Results




Adam's Polishes in action during the first bath after paint correction





A couple of pics of the awesome embroidered floor mats, and door sill plates


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Very nice!!




Nice job Scott!



Love the SS. Nice Job



nice correction.  One of my good friends has a black SS, nice ride.  



Great work!


Thanks guys!


Looks good man. I may have to pick up some if those SS door sills.


Yes you should, they are very good quality and look awesome.

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