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My Adam's Rinseless Wash Review

Performance Auto Detailing


I was selected to beta test Adam's Rinseless Wash and this is my late review. I have been in college so now that I'm on break I have had time to extensively test the product. 


My method used was as follows:


-Filled bucket with 5 gallons of water and added 2oz of Adam's Rinseless Wash

-Put 6 towels in the bucket and allowed them to soak in the solution

-Brought an empty bucket to hold the "used towels"

-I also created a waterless wash solution with the rinseless wash and used this to pre-treat all panels

-After pre-treating a panel with the waterless wash solution, I removed a towel from the bucket, wrung out some of the solution, and proceeded to wipe down the panel. I would then immediately dry the panel with a Great White Drying Towel. 

-After all sides of the towel were used, that towel was placed in the second bucket and another towel was taken out of the wash bucket to do the next panel with. 


I didn't use grit guards as no dirt would be re-introduced onto the car using this method. Some refer to this method as the Gary Dean method, but I'm going to refrain from calling it that, even though I tested the product in flip flops and basketball shorts. 


Here are the results


I found that Adam's Rinseless Wash was superior to ONR which I have been using for a few months. I definitely felt like it had more slickness like some others had mentioned. I absolutely love the smell of Adam's Rinseless Wash as well. This is a really great product and it yielded some great results. I have now found my replacement for ONR. 


Thanks for the opportunity Dylan!






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