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Yet another Rinseless Wash review

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The N.Texas weather finally broke enough for me to try out the new Rinseless Car Wash and I just want to share my thoughts:


1:  I've never used a product like this before so I can't compare it to anything else, past or present.


2: The Rocket was pretty clean - just a layer of dust that I felt was a bit much for a simple Waterless Wash spritzer.  Last time I had it out I caught just a bit of rainfall (imagine my horror!).  Also - I had cleaned the wheels and tires and dressed the tires after said horrifying weather event so I didn't have to do those today.


3: Regarding the scent: Maybe I'm just hard-of-smelling but the scent didn't bother me at all. I mean - I wouldn't want to BATH in it but I think some of you guys are a bit more sensitive to it than I am.


4:  Workflow - I did a "Modified Dylan" method. Two buckets - wash and rinse. However I used two wash towels - mainly because I just received my two-pack of blue plush towels and wanted to try them out as well. I also used a double-soft and a single-soft for wipe drying.  (I tossed the double-soft in the hamper after I noticed it had a little "soiling" on it and replaced it with a single-soft because I only have one double-soft.   I know - slacker...) Worked my way top to bottom around the car - flipping and folding, rinsing and wringing the wash towels like a mad-man. Only took about 1/2 hour.


5: I probably could have quit there but I went ahead and washed my windows with glass cleaner and gave the whole car a Detail Spray spritzer after.


Conclusions: Very happy with this product.  I feel like my situation was the "butter zone" for this Rinseless Wash- slightly soiled car, cool temps (48d in the garage), limited time.  Would my car be cleaner if I gave it the full-monte two-bucket wash?  Absolutely.  Would anyone notice besides ME?  Probably not.  Since my car wasn't really dirty enough considering the current temps and the time I had the alternative would have been to do nothing - and it looks A LOT better than it would have if I'd have done nothing.


Regarding the clean-up: All I did was dump out the buckets, wring out the towels and throw them in the hamper bucket.  I noticed a pretty nasty ring around the top of the rinse bucket but it wiped out very easily w/ a shop rag.  The wash bucket looked blue and pristine - like water at the Mini-Golf Course. I toyed with the idea of screwing the lid on it and saving it for next time but I caved and dumped it. I might try that next time.


All-in-all a very pleasant experience that I plan to repeat often - at least until spring-time.  I do enjoy a good old-fashioned, all day two-bucket wash Saturday but this technique will certainly lesson the need for that.


Thanks for reading.


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