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paint scuff damage



so long story short my wife at a slow speed backed into the neighbors driver's side door and made a decent scuff above and below the rub strip.  with that said, the neighbors are cool and dont really care but i want to fix this situation.  the car is a 98 sebring and has more swirl marks than you can imagine.  I have the older setup with severe, swirl & haze, polish, etc. 


any tips or advice?  i plan on cleaning the area, claying it, iso wipe down, taping and then getting to work.  what am i missing?

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Corrected but not perfect DSC_0188.jpg


Corrected area right next to un-corrected in next picDSC_0185.jpg


un-corrected area next to area aboveDSC_0186.jpg




pic DSC_0179.jpg


pic DSC_0177.jpg


couldn't fully get the scuff because it is in the dent area but once it is pooped we should be good to go DSC_0174.jpg

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Overall, the neighbor was very happy to see the scuffs vanish and due to the overall condition of her vehicle we can consider her vehicle damage corrected and complete.  I was only able to correct to a certain extent my wife's portion of the damage to her car because the paint damage. 


damage to gmc DSC_0190.jpg


more pics of damage to gmc DSC_0191.jpg




somewhat corrected DSC_0197.jpg


still trying DSC_0193.jpg


last oneDSC_0192.jpg  

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