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Appearance modding like crazy on the new Porsche!

Sizzle Chest

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Well, I did my wheels...and now I did the rear emblems!  Liking the 'stealth' look it gives it.  It's hard to see what it is (if you can't tell and have to read the emblems/badging, lol) in different light conditions. 


The chrome is gone!  Now they are almost body color!


Loving doing things to this car!  It's fun!







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Why did you Plasti-dip on a Porsche, instead of just buy new emblems....?   Glad you're having fun with the new ride though.  You're gonna wanna rip those things off, after the first time you polish!  Those will be a major PITA to detail around.  I do like the color though!  Congrats on the new whip! :)


Where do you live in Birmingham?  Or is that just where you got the car from?  All this time I've seen you on the forum, and I didn't know you were from Birmingham!

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Thanks all!  LOL Ralfy!!!



Chase:  this is not permanent and I wanted to see how it looked before doing anything perm.  Yes, if I need to correct it will be a HUGE pia...thank goodness she's pretty much scratch and swirl free!!!


Yep!  I am enjoying the new ride! 


No, I am in Naples, Florida.  We purchased the car up there.  Flew in one way, spent the night, went to the dealer the next day and by lunchtime we were headed southbound!

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Changing emblem colors is modding like crazy?  Different world when you get a porsche I guess lol.


Didn't you have a TT GT500?  Come back to this thread with some real mods.   :D


I hear Porsche owners are sticklers for originality, so heavy mods are out of the question! ;)

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