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All shiny and nowhere to go


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Over the holidays I broke out my new Flex and put on another layer of sealant. That looked really good, but I decided to see if it could go further, and I ordered up the Brilliant Glaze and Americana Wax combo. After the BG and 2 coats of Americana, here are the results.


All that white stuff in the background is snow, and the roads are all snow-packed, so I'm not going anywhere in the Vette for quite awhile.


There was a bit of haze in the sky, so the metallic didn't pop, but you can see there's certainly a high gloss.




Notice that the paint reflects as well as the glass.



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The sun came out for a bit. Unfortunately, the iPhone camera doesn't capture the tremendous sparkle of the metallic bits in the paint, but you can see the gloss is fairly blinding.




(The strange shape in the lower right of the above picture is the distorted reflection of the eave of my house.)






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Thanks for all the comments.



So have you just been rolling it up and down the driveway? :lolsmack:


That's about it, unfortunately. As you can see, the streets are snowpacked. They've cleared a bit since this picture was taken, but they are a huge mess with slush and mud, and probably will be that way until March or April.



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Love that hood!  Can I see under it? :D


The engine compartment is my next project. With only about 3000 miles on the car, it's still pretty clean, but there are a lot of water spots.




I'll start another thread for this, but suggestions on how to clean the water marks from the hood liner would be appreciated. You can see them around the hood vent.



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Man, that's a beauty.  They made the announcement today that the new Z will be revealed on Monday with 620 hp.  Seriously considering selling mine and hooking up with one of the new Zs.  Really like that green.  It's different, and GM's been in a color rut lately.

You really have her looking amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Looks awesome!!! How do you pull into your driveway without scraping the front end?

Slowly. I have to pull up and stop on the sidewalk, then ease up the hill. The air dams barely touch, which is an improvement over the C6; it scraped a lot worse.

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