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My Other Flex For Sale


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Hey guys, 

Just wanted to put up my 3401 for sale as lately things have gotten a little tight and changed had to be made.  If someone wants a used 3401 this is your best bet, she's been through about 10 full corrections as my other 3401 takes a brunt of the work.  She's got a few marks on her, just from being set down on the garage floor, nothing that effects workability so thats all that matters.  Other than that you'll get a nice clean flex that has been taken care of mechanically with no problems I have ever experienced, Flex are quality machines and having 3 along with a rotary I can tell you I have never had a problem.  










I got assorted pads Il throw in too, have to dig them out but I know I have a few adams 5 or so I think.


Asking $250 shipped


She's a beaut gents, wish I could afford keeping both.

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