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Buttery wax with porter cable

Jeep guy


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Either red or black will work... you're preference.


The black is an 80ppi open cell foam and the red is a similar grade closed cell. Both perfectly suitable for applying waxes, sealants, or glaze. We offer the 2 colors mainly to give you a visual distinction between pads while you work, they're interchangable as far as function for the mostpart, but by having 2 colors you can easily tell which one you're using for which product application without having to do any 'sniff' tests.


The cell type has some very small impact on function, but not one that you'd notice much in a process like waxing/sealing.


You can also (in some cases) play with these pads for light polishing... I absolutely loved using the red pad on a rotary with FMP to do extremely light correction on softer paints that were finicy with other approaches, but thats a whole other conversation!

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