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Wash Bucket Caddy Casters Issue



Anyone ever have problems with the casters coming out of the bucket caddies?  I've got my 2 caddies connected with the connector plate and am using 2 Adam's wash buckets.  My driveway is blacktop and has a very gentle grade to it.  When I'm moving the 'unit' around the car while washing, I always have at least 1 or more casters come off.  They seem to be the casters holding the connector plate to the bottom of the caddies. 

So, I stop, take the buckets out of the caddies, turn them over to put the wheel(s) back on, and continue.  It's kind of frustrating.

I must be putting everything together incorrectly.  I've searched the forum and can't find anyone else having posted this issue. 

Trust me - I love using the buckets and caddies system.  It really is a backsaver.

Any and all help is gratefully appreciated.




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The caster should 'pop' into the base of the caddy pretty firm. If they're loose in there it might be a case of the caddy itself having a touch too much play in the opening. Personally I'd say put a drop of a general purpose adhesive in there... no need to ever take them apart honestly so make them 'semi-permanent'.

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