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C7 Tag Team Perfection


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To see more pictures of this beast please visit


https://www.facebook.com/HolderAutoDetailing?ref=hl or https://www.facebook.com/A.Holders?ref=ts&fref=ts


This was a collective effort between myself (Holder's Auto Detailing of Wichita, KS) and my brother Alex (A Holder's Detailing of Baton Rouge, LA). Alex flew up to help with a car show this week and also to get a few rides show ready. One of the. Being this Cyber Gray C7 Stingray Corvette.

First off this car is amazing. I love all the lines and overall look of the car. Working on cars like this is why I choose to spend my extra time detailing and perfecting vehicles.


We started with the ever so popular Adam's Rinsless Wash. Which was perfect because I didn't want to spend another minute out in the wind washing a car. After claying we moved to a very thurough inspection of the paint and marked all our problem areas with Adam's professional detailers tape. After a test area was completed we went to town quickly realizing ising just the Flex Polisher wouldn't cut it on all the crazy angles this C7 was throwing at us. That's where the Cyclo Polisher came in handy. So while Alex worked the Flex I was working the Cyclo on all the tight areas and also removing scratches with a drill and Focus pads.

Once we get it out in the sun there will be plenty for pictures taken. Here's what we had so far.












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This is the last year for Cyber Gray. Next year will be a much lighter gray tentatively going to be called Shark Gray.  Really nice color, about half way between Blade silver and Cyber gray.  A new yellow is on the way for 2015 too, so Millennium Yellow is on the way out as well. 

Amazing job on that beautiful car. Hope he brings home some trophies!

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