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New American Muscle?

THE Mook

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As cool as it is, it probably won't be around long unless they run VERY lean and charge an arm and a leg for them.  Even then, only the VERY rich can afford them.  


I'll keep my production hotrod.  



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Kinda neat, but I'm not sure that there's a big market for a car like that -- I thing most guys dropping a quarter mil on a muscle car would *probably* want a genuine high quality original mustang, cuda, camaro, etc., or a restored kind of thing built to their specific desires. Buy hey, that's just my $.02. 

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I like it, other than the "Bass" name. I think they left out a "d" and "a" in the middle. :burnout:

edit: maybe it's pronounced like "base" http://jalopnik.com/the-secrets-of-the-equus-bass-the-best-muscle-car-mash-1501325260 but I still hate the name


If the build quality is there, I think they can be reasonably successful. $250k might as well be 250 million to most of us, but plenty of folks spend that on cars from Porsche, MB, Ferrari, etc and may be attracted to something more unique and exclusive.

Also, it reminds me of the ICON Thriftmaster in that it's more than just the restomod some critics call it. Sure, you can build a killer Eleanor clone or whatever for less money, but if you're realistic about the hours that go into this level of fit and finish and necessary fabrication, you're gonna be at six figures before you're halfway down the page.

And speaking of costs, I'd be curious what sort of regulatory hoops a company like this has to jump through to keep the Feds happy.

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I think they're cool, but at the proposed $250,000 price tag... who wouldn't just go find a nice project car to restore/have restored?


For a quarter million dollars you could pull off one HECK of a muscle car resto-mod build and it would be exactly what you want (with a couple of schukles to spare for gas)


Don't get me wrong... I think its very cool, just not sure I see it sticking around. Its a very similar idea to what ICON is doing, and they're one of the few groups that have pulled off the whole 'super high end classic remake with a big price tag' thing.



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