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Went to the NAIAS...


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On top of being pretty dissapointed with the cars, I found myself looking at the detail job on the cars and could NOT believe the horrible swirl marks and the never ending holograms all over the cars. I was dumbfounded.


On the other hand, the C7z was pretty freakin sweet.


Just my rant!




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It is pretty amazing how some people have no clue what they are actually doing to the cars and how badly they are introducing swirl marks. You would think they would want the cars at the auto shows to be as perfect as possible.

The other day I was at a car dealer and they were using a squeegee to dry the Plum Crazy Challenger they just washed. :help:

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Some people look at their cars as just another posession, not an investment. I personally like my cars just like I like my home. Clean, tidy, and kept up. I take pride in both my home and my cars, but my wife is in charge of the house........she just lets me take care of the cars. :lol:

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