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Due to the freezing temps all over the country right now we will be holding shipments today that contain 16oz or Gallon liquids to prevent freezing over the weekend.


We apologize for any delay or inconvenience, but trust us - getting your detailing supplies in good shape a day late is better than getting them a day earlier, but frozen!


If you have any questions about your shipment or an order you need to place today please give us a call!




or drop us an email: Orders@AdamsPolishes.com

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Northern Virginia isn't projected to crack 40 degrees for another two weeks, will mostly be in the low-20's and high-teens.  I can honestly say, granted I'm only 26, that I have never experienced a winter this consistently cold day-to-day.  Has been fun, however, to get snow as frequently as we have and put the truck to use.

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You mean that Adams doesn't do like some and put "keep from freezing" and ship it in the middle of winter?  Or "keep from heat" and ship it in the August?  All kidding aside, I would have to say that by holding it at the warehouse over the weekend was the smart thing.  Some people have the thought that parcels move over the weekend and they really don't.  Or they think by giving me an overnight at 10 in the morning it is going to ensure that it gets there on time.  Really doesn't leave on the plane till around 2030.

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Thanks for the shorts and flip flop remark. Its 9 degrees and the wind is blowing around 30 mph. LOL


Same here in Chicago -5 for a high and -17 for a low WITHOUT THE WIND Come on man flip flops Ouch!!

Haha. It's been sunny and in the mid 70's here in Az.

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