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Hello from St Louis


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My names is Eric and my wife and I started the new year off with new vehicles. We traded in our 06 Avalon(no I was not in the normal age range of the Avalon)  and 12 Prius for a 08 Highlander and a 13 Avalon.


I have decided to maintain my vehicles as a hobby this year,


Been laid up last few days so been googling car washing techniques and such. Stumbled upon  instructional videos from Adam's Polishes, and been reading the forums.


I think this is the company I want deal with going forward.


Looking forward to reading about tips and also someday be able to add my two cents worth after I have some experience.




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Welcome to the forum Eric.  You'll find everything you need to know about detailing on here and in the videos.  Excellent products as you'll soon find out for yourself. And don't ever feel afraid to ask anything on here. Even if it's a stupid question.......after we're done razzing you, we'll give you a good answer. ;):D


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