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Local Show for a good cause


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One of the local Mustang clubs knew of an eleven year old boy with cancer and his favorite car is a Mustang. That club got 8-10 of their members together and decided they would do a cruise in to the boy's house. Well word got out and it turned into more and more people wanting to be involved. They had to move the event 3 times so they would have room for all the cars. The local Ford dealer loaned the boy's dad a new Shelby GT 500 so the boy could arrive to show in style. Last I heard they were expecting around 300 cars. There were no less than 150 when I was there and they said the Mustang clubs from Tennessee hadn't arrived yet.


The weather was sunny and in the the low to mid 40s. Compared to what we've had the two weeks prior (sub freezing temps) I'd say there was someone else that wanted this show to happen.


As you can see in the pics there were more than just Mustangs. To see all these car people come together to, if only for a moment, help this boy and his family forget about the cancer leaves me speechless.


I have pics but for some reason I can't get them to attach. I watched the video and I was doing everything correctly. I'll try again later.


You can see the pics on my FB page here

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Thanks Len for sharing that. In this day and age of nothing but bad news on TV, it is great to hear of all the car people that have hearts of gold. All of us with children can sympathize with that poor family with a child with cancer. Tears your heart out. Prayers for the boy and his family.

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